What is Hozho

What is Hozho

What is Hozho?

Ho′zho′: The Navajo Concept of Balance and Beauty

Consideration of the nature of the universe, the world, man, the nature of time and space, creation, growth, motion, order, control, and the life cycle…..expressed in terms quite impossible to translate into English.

People often say that “Bluff is a feeling”.
Perhaps it’s the friendly, small town feeling….

Maybe it’s the feeling you get when viewing nearby petroglyphs and imagine how people lived here over a 1,000 years ago.

It might be the serenity and calm you sense when you discover the Milky Way in a clear, night sky brilliantly lit with stars. Or the freedom you feel as you take in the magnificent panorama of the nearby Muley Point overlook.

The Navajo word, “Hozho”, may explain it best. Hozho is said to be the most important word in the Navajo language and is loosely translated as peace, balance, beauty and harmony. To be “in Hozho” is to be at one with and a part of the world around you.

We hope you feel this connection and come to discover Hozho when you visit Bluff.

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