Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears Starts Here

  • Bears Ears Buttes
    Bears Ears Buttes
  • Respectfully explore archaeology
    Respectfully explore archaeology
  • Scenic drives through world famous geology
    Scenic drives through world famous geology
  • Short hikes for the family
    Short hikes for the family
  • Rock art spanning thousands of years
    Rock art spanning thousands of years

About the Monument

The creation of Bears Ears National Monument in 2016 made history because it honored five Native American tribes – Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain Ute and the Uintah-Ouray Ute Tribe – who sought to have their traditional lands set aside for preservation and continued traditional, recreational and scientific use.


A Unique Cultural Landscape

The Bears Ears landscape has been used since time immemorial by tribes. Many modern-day Pueblo tribes trace their ancestry back to the canyons and mesa tops of Bears Ears where the archaeology gives hints of their past. The monument is not just a stunning region of arches, towering buttes, red rock canyons and forested areas: it is an area with cliff dwellings, historic hogans, thousands of years of rock art, and locales for modern-day Native American activities like wood cutting, herbal gathering, and ceremony.

When exploring the Bears Ears, please consider the many Native American and historic pioneer connections that make enrich the history of the area. Honor past generations and futures on by visiting respectfully.


Explore Bluff’s Backyard

Bluff is the perfect basecamp for your travels in the Bears Ears region. Located on the southern boundary of the monument along the route to national parks like the Grand Canyon, Arches, and Mesa Verde, Bluff offers lodging, restaurants, picnic spots, guiding services, and more.


9 Things to do in Bears Ears

We’ve created a list of our favorite spots to introduce you to Bears Ears and experience its vistas and archaeology.

Fees & Regulations

Please contact the BLM and Forest Service about fees, regulations, and permits.