The Best Time to Float the San Juan

Best Time to Float the San Juan River

The San Juan River is a favorite trip for families, archaeology buffs, photographers and hikers because of its gentle nature and all of the side trips it offers.  You’re guaranteed a few fun splashes, but the San Juan is considered mild by whitewater standards. This scenic river winds westward through Bluff before emptying into Lake Powell.

If you are looking to float the San Juan, the best time of the year is April – June. In years with a good snow pack, the river can be even more fun with higher flows.

For river conditions, visit the USGS website.  On the USGS website, you can see current flow rates (CFM’s or cubic feet per second), temperatures, and many more parameters.  Just remember to choose the parameter you wish to see in the “Select Data to Graph” section.

The local experts on the San Juan River are Wild Expeditions which is headquartered in Bluff.  You can book a half-day, full-day, or multi-day river rafting trip. All of their trips specialize in teaching about the archeology, geology, flora, fauna, and history of the San Juan River.