What To Do

The beautiful town of Bluff offers jaw dropping scenery, history, river rafting and access to ancient archeology.

Stop at the Bluff Fort for a glimpse at early pioneer life in Bluff.  Take a short drive through the Bluff Historic District.   Bluff is a great place to explore the many nearby National Parks, National Monuments, Tribal Park, and State Parks.  Bluff is located on the southern rim of the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument.   You can explore Bears Ears by car, or take a day hike or, for the more adventurous, a multi-day hike through spectacular scenery while investigating Ancestral Puebloan ruins from a culture of a thousand years ago. Some of the canyons offer arches and bridges carved by millions of years of erosion and slickrock trails for smooth walking.

A word of caution is in order: These archaeological sites are VERY FRAGILE and once lost, they are gone forever.  Remember to visit with respect.  Leave all artifacts where you find them so the next visitor can enjoy them.  Stay away from fragile walls.  Please take the time to learn about the Ancestral Puebloans and the proper protocol for visiting these sites.



Drive throughout the Four Corners region and visit the sites that bring the world to Bluff.  Monument Valley, Bears Ears, Goosenecks State ParkValley of the Gods, Natural Bridges, Mesa Verde, Arches, Canyonlands and Hovenweep are just a few of the National Parks, Monuments, Navajo Tribal Parks and State Parks that attract visitors due to their serenity, beauty and natural wonder. The photographer, budding archaeologist or sightseer will enjoy the landscape of the entire region.

One of Bluff’s most popular spots is the BLM Sand Island Camping Area. It is the put-in for the famous San Juan River trips in the region.  Even if you are not taking off on a river trip, be sure to stop to see the Sand Island Petroglyph Panel.   Over thousands of years, cultures have left their mark and told their stories on rock walls along the San Juan corridor.  Picnic sites and camping sites are available at Sand Island.

Remember to contact the appropriate agency to obtain permits for camping, hikes or river trips. If possible, hire a guide to lead those trips. Bluff has experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic backcountry guides and river outfitters trained to help find exciting places, better understand what is being examined and explain ways to help preserve the sites for future visits and archaeological interpretation.