What to Do

Monumental Attractions

Southeastern Utah has so much to see and do. Explore Bluff and the surrounding area and find yourself in another world—of Native Americans and Ancient Ones, magnificent vistas, grand gulches, desert rivers, and valleys of the gods.

Iconic Monument Valley, Four Corners, Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Bears Ears National Monument are less than an hour from Bluff.

But you’ll find many more monumental attractions. To help, we’ve put together a menu of Area Attractions near Bluff. Each Area Attraction page is chock-full of information such as what to see and do there, history, hours, and what’s nearby.

Around Bluff

You’ll find great things to do in and around Bluff. We recommend these 4 Must See Attractions. These crowd-pleasers are family friendly and sure to delight.

Plan Your Trip

Our maps and itineraries can help you put it all together and make the most of your monumental vacation. You’ll also find a handy mileage chart tool which has distances between Bluff, attractions, and cities.

Book a Guide

Bluff is home to renown guides who can help you:

  • Explore Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa
  • Raft the San Juan River

Book Your Stay in Bluff

Bluff offers exceptional lodging, dining, and shopping, and is a great base to unpack and explore southeastern Utah. Book a night or RV site in Bluff now.

Guide Children Through Sites

Keep a close eye on them, so they don’t get hurt or accidentally damage cultural resources.

Avoid Building Cairns

Cairns can increase impacts on sensitive sites and are a form of vandalism to the natural world that detracts from the wild beauty of the area.

Don’t Touch Rock Imagery Or Make Your Own

Natural oils on your hands damage these delicate images. Vandalism of petroglyphs and pictographs erases stories of ancient people and destroys the experience for future visitors.