Bluff International Balloon Festival: 19 years of history

Nineteen years and running – well, flying – makes for a pretty special Bluff International Balloon Festival. And it’s not just the fun balloon names like Breezy Rider, Basketcase, and Levity. So what makes this long-standing Bluff tradition stick? Each year, 25 or so…

Announcing the 19th Annual Bluff International Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon in Bluff Balloon Festival

19th Annual Bluff International Balloon Festival January 13-15, 2017 Make your plans to be in Bluff January 13-15, 2017 for our annual spectacular balloon fest. Schedule and sponsor details coming soon! For a recap and video of the 2016 Balloon Festival, click here. 

Riding Like a Pro: 3 Safety Tips

Guest written by Utah Injury Lawyers at Christensen & Hymas As avid cyclists, Bluff is among our favorite areas. Its highways stretch on for miles across open desert, big skies, and red rock. The area offers great climbs and long rides to destinations like…

Monument Valley: Towers of Navajo Culture and Icons of Hollywood

Monument valley bluff utah

Monument Valley: famous for its towering desert red buttes that have been celebrated on the screen since 1939. It is a desert valley unlike any other, with some of its towers rising as high as 1000 feet from the valley floor. Because of its…