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What is Hozho?

A women balances on a rock in Utah.

People say that “Bluff is a feeling”.  Perhaps it’s the friendly, small town feeling….. Maybe it’s the feeling you get when viewing nearby petroglyphs and imagine how people lived here over a 1,000 years ago. It might be the serenity and calm you sense when you discover a clear, night sky brilliantly lit with stars. The Navajo word, Hozho, may explain it best.  Hozho means peace, balance and beauty.  Visit Bluff and come to discover Hozho.

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Adventure / Exploration

Exploring Valley of the Gods near Bluff, Utah

Explore Bluff and the surrounding areas, and discover another world—of Indians and Ancient Ones, magnificent vistas, grand gulches and valleys of the gods. Float the San Juan River and marvel at stunning scenery, archeology that comes alive, and geology millions of years old. Hike the backcountry and discover something extraordinary around every bend. You can explore this incredible outdoor museum time and again and always be amazed.    

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Bluff Fort   Bluff Fort

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