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Bluff Instinct Design

Southwest Homes and Interiors
Home Design by Bluff Instinct Design
Home Design by Bluff Instinct Design

Business Description

Drawn on the inspiration of ancient archaeology, Bluff Instinct Design understands the elements of climate, culture and way of life in the desert southwest. From moderate economic budgets to luxurious residential homes, we want to offer you a custom design that is tailored to your lifestyle and creativity.

​Bluff Instinct Design offers dedicated, organized and diligent design consultation for architectural drafting and interior spaces. We value your personal time-frame and budget. Unearth the potential of your project in a truly authentic way with Bluff Instinct Design.

Drafting Design

We offer drafting services for new residential construction, additions or remodels.  We can help you navigate through the design process and turn your ideas into real plans for the next step toward your dream home.  Through innovative design approach, we customize your needs, paying close attention to detail and character, to provide you with a unique home design.

Interior Design

Let us help you to visualize your inner space through renderings, material samples and palettes.  Create a habitable space that brings out your charming character and embraces functionality.  We focus on warm natural materials, serene palettes and fabrics, and furnishings full of life and personality.  Whether you're looking for contemporary or rustic styles, we want you to have a comfortable authentic home.

Kristin Bushnell, Principal Designer