No one seems to know who built this house. Despite the modern cinder block additions, it is clearly a turn of the century lumber house. It is said to have been located nearer the new Bluff post office and moved to its present location. Bluff residents remember the house being in its location since the 1930s.

The building was simply placed on the ground surface, a cellar was dug on the south side, and screened-in porches were added onto the south and east sides. A wood frame lean-to addition containing two rooms and a bathroom were added onto the west side.

Finally, a square, flat-roofed cinderblock building was added to the north side, which functioned as the Bluff Post Office during the 1940′s and 1950′s. The postmistress Dorothy Nielson resided in the house with her husband and children during the time the Post Office was located here. Local resident Melvin Gaines remembers that it was also used as a mortuary. According to Gaines there were only two rooms in the house at the time, but they were large rooms, big enough for a group of people to meet. He also remembers playing there with the Nielson children.

The current owners have done extensive remodeling to the building. The ceilings, the porch roof, and the front siding are the only original parts that are still visible. The building was jacked up and a foundation was added, the cellar was redug, and the old additions and aluminum siding were removed. The building was repainted in colors as close as possible to the original paint, which is still visible in the porch rafters.