Screening of Film, SUN MARKER, March 21st at Edge of the Cedars

On Spring Equinox, Saturday, March 21, from 4 – 6 p.m., the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum hosts a special showing of a new documentary film, SUN MARKER, by DavD Rogers. 

The film is about the construction and artistry of the Sun Marker sculpture created by artist Joe Pachak of Bluff. The sculpture is located at Edge of the Cedars Museum.  Following the film, Joe Pachak will lead a discussion of archaeo-astronomy at the Sun Marker.

The Sun Marker sculpture interacts with the sun through light and shadow.  It recreates a number of ancient solar markers that exist throughout the southwest.  It is an artistic expression and a scientific case study in understanding how prehistoric cultures in the area may have created solar alignments.

Solar alignments were important in tracking the sun throughout the year, and can be thought of as a solar calendar system.   Most visitors to the museum, however,  don’t understand how Sun Marker sculpture works, and are unable to spend the time to observe the shifting play of light and shadow as the sun travels across the sky daily and seasonally.  The documentary SUN MARKER gives visitors the opportunity to understand and thus more fully experience the sculpture.

DavD Rogers began working as a documentary film maker in early 2010. SUN MARKER is his first film.

Edge of the Cedars Museum is located at 660 West, 400 North, in Blanding.  Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Daily admission is $5. The film is free to the public. For more information contact the museum at 435-678-2238. 

Information taken from The San Juan Record.

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