New Co-op Building Now Open at the Bluff Fort

The new Co-op/Visitors Center Building is now officially open at the Bluff Fort.

This replica of the original Bluff Fort Co-op will tell the incredible story of the pioneers who answered a mission call to colonize southeastern Utah.  In their arduous journey to the San Juan River, they chiseled their way through the treacherous Hole-in-the-Rock Trail.  The story of those who came and colonized San Juan County will now be preserved and retold for future generations.

The Co-op building replica is the result of years of planning and hard work from hundreds of people and the Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation.  The continuous efforts of hundreds of people led to building “this crowning jewel of San Juan County,” as described by Hole in the Rock Foundation President Corinne Roring.   It was Corinne Roring’s vision to recreate the Bluff Fort and the Co-op building replica.  Credit for fundraising over $1 million dollars goes to Craig and Grant Taylor.

The pioneers of 1880 settled in Bluff, built a community from tents and cabins, and transformed the settlement to the stately rock homes still standing today in Bluff’s Historic District. By the time the Co-op was built and functioning, Bluff was considered one of the wealthiest places per capita west of the Mississippi.  By 1888, the Bluff Co-op had 8,000 new calves born, which led to a booming economy.

Click here to learn more about the Bluff Fort and the original Co-op.  You can also learn more about the pioneers that settled Bluff at the Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation ( Be sure to stop at the Bluff Fort and the new Co-op Building when in Bluff.
Source:  San Juan Record

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