Mainly Marathons in Bluff on November 6th

Mainly Marathons’s Southwest Series will be returning to Bluff, Utah on Tuesday, November 6.   The Southwest Series features six marathons in six days in six beautiful locations in the Southwest. 
Pick from a 5k, 10k, 50k, half, and marathon.  This is a run/walk event that has no time limit for the marathon or less.  It is an out and back course that has you passing through our large aid station multiple times. The race starts at the Bluff Community Center and runs out of town with gorgeous views of the bluffs. We have a regular start time of 7:00 AM MST with an optional early start at 6:00 AM MST. 
For more information, including the marathon course and registration information, go to  
Mainly Marathons Southwest Series Flyer