Friends of Cedar Mesa

Friends of Cedar Mesa is a conservation-focused non-profit organization based in Bluff, Utah.

Friends of Cedar Mesa (FCM) works to ensure that all public lands in San Juan County – with all their cultural and natural resources – are respected and protected.  The Friends educate visitors about respectful visitation of cultural sites, organize service projects, advocate for protection, and host educational events and outings. 

With “friends” from around the world, we work to create local, regional and national support for greater protection of Cedar Mesa, including advocating for permanent protective designations.  FCM also supports smart local policy-making, and organizing research and volunteer service activities working of the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation area, which are tasked with managing resources in the Greater Cedar Mesa area. With that regard, we offer managers research, guidance and education to see that management maintains wilderness values and protects cultural/archaeological assets, while providing for continued access for local residents and visitors from around the world.

Friends of Cedar Mesa
PO Box 338
567 West Main Street.
Bluff, UT  84512
T:  435-414-0343