House on Fire Archaeology Hike

House on Fire Archaeology Hike
Name: House on Fire Archaeology Hike

House on Fire is an iconic Ancestral Puebloan cliff structure found on Cedar Mesa. It is popularly named “House on Fire” because at certain times of the day, the interesting rock of the roof becomes lit with vibrant color.

To visit this structure, you take Highway 95 west onto Cedar Mesa. Between mile markers 101 and 102, there is a turn into the South Fork of Mule Canyon with a trailhead. All visitors must pay a small day use fee unless you have the annual Cedar Mesa pass ($20 at the BLM ranger station).

House on Fire is a gentle 0.9 mile hike one-way. It’s great for families!

Please note there are no facilities at the trailhead and you must be prepared to pack in water and pack out all your trash. Please steer clear of the walls at the archaeology site and leave all artifacts where you find them. This will help preserve the site for the next time you visit.