Sand Island Petroglyph Panel

Sand Island Petroglyph Panel
Name: Sand Island Petroglyph Panel

The roadside Sand Island Petroglyph Panel is a great stopping point on your way to and from other Bears Ears destinations. The panel boasts centuries of rock art spanning from the 19th century to 2,500+ years ago. Most of the petroglyphs are from the early Basketmaker through Pueblo III eras, which range in time from 2500 to 800 years old. The panel also has more recent Ute and Navajo rock art, which you can identify by their brighter carvings and location lower on the wall. When visiting the 100-yard panel, see if you can spot its famous Kokopelli and a bighorn sheep playing a flute.

Anyone can visit the road side rock art at Sand Island. The campground is conveniently located four miles west of Bluff and a tour of the rock art can take anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

To get to the Sand Island Petroglyph Panel from Bluff: Head west on Hwy 191S for 4.2 miles and turn left at the sign for Sand Island. At the bottom of the hill, take a right and drive 0.2 miles to the parking on the right. This allows you to access the lower panel. If you’d like to see more rock art, head left (east) at the bottom of the hill into the campground and follow a dirt path 20 minutes along the cliffs.

The Sand Island Petroglyph is located in the Sand Island Campground which has restrooms, camping, a seasonal ranger station, a boat launch and seasonal drinking water. Please be prepared to pack in your own water and pack out trash. As with any rock art panel, you can visit with respect by refraining from touching rock art or adding your own.

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