Annual Bluff Solstice Burn Dec. 21

Photo (c) Josh Ewing

On the longest night of the year, the town of Bluff invites you to a celebration of light for our annual Solstice Burn. This Thursday, December 21st at 7 pm, residents and guests will gather across from the Recapture Lodge and K&C Convenience Store for this desert ritual.

Bluff artist Joe Pachak has built two dancing bears of willow, representing the male and female bear of the Ute Bear Dance. Joe and his team of volunteers have worked tirelessly for the past two months to construct these figures. Joe was inspired and guided in the construction of these sculptures by Ute flute musician Aldean Ketchum.

The bears stand 15-feet tall and have been constructed with locally-gathered materials. Their teeth and claws are fashioned from antlers.