2018 Annual Solstice Burn

Artist Joe Pachak stands before his beautiful bears that were burned on the 2017 solstice.

You’re invited! December 21st, 7 pm – Bluff, UT

Please join artist Joe Pachak and the town of Bluff for our annual solstice burn.

Communities and cultures across the world have celebrated Solstice since time immemorial. The town of Bluff has been honoring the longest night of the year for many years now. As has become tradition, local artist Joe Pachak begins building a willow sculpture at the fall Bluff Arts Festival and completes the wooden sculpture with the help of volunteers in advance of Solstice. 

We gather on this cold, dark night to light the coyote sculpture on fire as a community and embrace the coming warmth of longer days. Please join us for this free, public event.

Volunteers help Joe build this year’s coyote sculpture.

Interested in other solstice events in Bluff? Local nonprofit Friends of Cedar Mesa is hosting solstice lectures and craft events on December 21st from 9am – 4pm at the Bears Ears Education Center

Joe’s sculpture captures the movement and grace of the coyote.