Wildflowers of Southeast Utah

With a wet winter and spring, Southeast Utah is in a for a lush, vibrant wildflower season. Here are a few local varieties to look for when exploring Bluff's backyard.

Indian Paintbrush

bluff wildflower indian paintbrush southeast utah Indian Paintbrush is the harbinger of spring, one of the first wildflowers to grace us with its presence every spring. You can recognize it by it's neon red color.


This fun, orange flower is another early plant. It compliments a desert landscape well - but be careful not to get the irritating plant fibers in your eyes. DSC00743

Prince's Plume



When in bloom, this striking stalk offers purple-ivory, soft petals, a delicacy for big horn sheep and deer. Yum! IMG_2699


Though there are many different varieties of penstemon in our neck of the woods, you can usually recognize the family by its leaves and tall stalks. IMG_2710 IMG_2711

Stemless woollybase

This fun flower is in the sunflower family. IMG_2715



Everyone's favorite... Prickly Pear Cactus

DSC00790 And another variety of cactus DSC00824

Anderson's Larkspur

DSC00745   Have spring wildflower photos to share? Email us today! And if you're looking to identify more plant varieties, stop by the Recapture Lodge and pick up a local plant book.

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