Utah Navajo Fair and Rodeo


For a Fantastic Western Rodeo Experience, Look No Further.

Visitors flock to Bluff during the annual Utah Navajo Fair and Rodeo every September.  The dates for the 27th annual Navajo Fair & Rodeo are September 16-18, 2016.

We've Got Your Parade

The weekend kicks off with a parade down the Main Street of Bluff at 10 am on Saturday morning.  The parade ends at the western boundary of the Fairgrounds.  Grab a chair and make sure to get your spot early on the parade route as Highway 191 is closed to traffic for several hours.


Take your seat in the grandstand as cowboys ride and rope in thrilling events such as bullriding, calf roping, and barrel racing.  The Navajo people pride themselves on their horsemanship and this is a great opportunity to see these talented men and women in action.

Pow Wow

Don't miss the Pow-Wow which is held at the north end of the Fairgrounds, or at the opposite end of the fairground entry.   Music for the pow wow dancers is provided by drum groups.  A drum group is a group of performers who play a large, specially designed drum and sing traditional songs which can be quite complicated.  The drum groups can be thought of as a team which practice countless hours before a performance. Dancers from various tribes participate in the Utah Navajo Fair Pow Wow, with dance categories for men, women, seniors and children.  Dancers wear highly individualized, brightly colored, elaborate traditional dress.  Dances include the Jingle Dress for women, Fancy Shawl, the Chicken Dance for men, and Men's Traditional.  The Jingle dance takes its name from a garment worn by the dancers which has many small, tin cones sewn closely together.  The dress jingles as the dancer moves to be beat of the drum. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Traditional Dance

In the afternoons, you can also see traditional Navajo dancing where couples from all over the area dance. For more information, please visit the Utah Navajo Fair website.