Bluff International Balloon Festival Chosen for The Utah Bucket List 2

            The Business Owners of Bluff are pleased to announce that The Salt Lake Tribune and KUED-TV, Channel 7, have selected the Bluff International Balloon Festival as one of the segments for The Utah Bucket List 2, a program that will air on KUED in August 2014. A bucket list is generally thought of as a list of experiences a person hopes to have during their lifetime.  The Utah Bucket List serves as sort of a “cheat sheet” highlighting the state’s most spectacular adventures.  A cooperative effort of KUED-TV and The Salt Lake Tribune, The Utah Bucket List involves not only the documentary on KUED, but a series of newspaper articles published in The Salt Lake Tribune.   The first Utah Bucket List, which debuted in 2013, had a tremendous response from viewers who asked for more episodes.     “The Bluff Balloon Festival is truly on my own personal bucket list.  I’ve seen the awesome festival pictures people have posted on our site, ” stated Brett Prettyman, outdoor writer for The Salt Lake Tribune.  “This is a great opportunity to knock off one of my personal choices and get one for the viewers.”  The annual Bluff International Balloon Festival, now in its 16th year, will be held January 17 – 19, 2014 in Bluff, Utah.  Thirty hot air balloons will participate in this year’s festival and will fly over Bluff early on Friday and Saturday mornings.  On Sunday morning, balloons fly over Valley of the Gods, a scenic sandstone valley with stunning geologic formations and wide open spaces.   Other festival activities include a Navajo Taco Dinner benefiting the Bluff Elementary School, an arts fair, a Southwestern Cook-off, and a Glow-in. “We are delighted the Bluff International Balloon Festival has been chosen for The Utah Bucket List,” said Marcia Hadenfeldt, chair of festival committee.  “The balloon festival is a mere drop in the bucket of good things in southeastern Utah.  We’re so pleased to be able to share this event with your audience.” About Bluff    Bluff is nestled between dramatic sandstone bluffs and the San Juan River on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway in southeastern Utah.  The Navajo reservation borders Bluff weaving the culture of the Navajo people with Bluff’s eclectic style.   Few towns have a more colorful past than Bluff, Utah.  Ancestral Puebloans established the area’s first settlements around 650 A.D.   Some of the Southwest’s most impressive prehistoric rock art and ruins lie in or near Bluff.  In 1880, Bluff was settled by Mormon pioneers seeking to establish a mission in the Four Corners area.  In the Bluff Historic District, visitors can learn about the pioneer’s epic Hole in the Rock expedition and early pioneer life at the Bluff Fort.  Visitors can also see restored Victorian homes built by the pioneers in later, more prosperous years. For more information on The Utah Bucket List visit For more information on The Utah Bucket List visit or     Visit the Bluff International Balloon Festival on Facebook at              

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